Importers of High Quality Replacement Cattle

Importers of Alternative Bre­ed Cattle

Chris Dodds Livestock Limited frequently import alternative dairy breeds which include:-­

  • ­Fleckvieh
  • Normande
  • Montbeliard
  • MRI
  • Crossbreds­

All of the above breeds are gaining popularity within the UK dairying industry due to the hardiness, longevity, health traits and improved profitability they can bring to the milking herd;

Being extensively used within Northern Europe, these alternative breeds mean that sourcing the cattle to match your needs is made easier. Their strength, body reserves and confirmation have proven to withstand the challenges of today’s modern dairy production whilst continuing to improve durability.­

The healthy alternative­

  • Improved fertility
  • Easier calving
  • Better longevity
  • Positive trends for health traits
  • ­Black hooves­

Young stock bulls are always available, from both the UK and Northern Europe.