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Chris Dodds Livestock ­Limited

Cumbria based dairy and beef specialists

Chris Dodds FLAA

Born in Northumberland on a dairy farm specialising in Channel Island and Holstein Friesian dairy breeds. 35 years practical experience within the livestock auctioneering and marketing businesses with an emphasis on specialist dairy sales and on-farm selection.

Tel: +44 (0)16974 75266 or +44 (0)7885 731 502
Chris Dodds FLAA
Andrew Bellas

Fourth generation dairy farmer born in Cumbria specialising in the sale of new calved dairy cows selected from a herd of 180 Holstein and Jersey milkers. Following the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic and the loss of the Croft Ends dairy herd, Andrew has worked with CDL Limited and has also established noted prize winning herds of British Blue and Beef Shorthorn pedigree cattle.

Tel: +44 (0)17683 51284 or +44 (0)7950 030 586
Andrew Bellas

Why import cattle from Europe?

  • Health status
  • Adaptation of the cattle to UK farming practices
  • Similar climate
  • Availability and Selection quality
  • Maiden heifers, in-calf heifers and new calved heifers and cows always available

Testimonials from previous clients

Having bought 20 Danish Red in calf heifers, which have now joined a herd of 300 milkers, I am very pleased with my purchases. The heifers are averaging 32 litres and the 1st 12 heifers calved are back in calf, within 65 days post calving. The purchase of the cattle was made very easy by Chris Dodds Livestock Ltd. I was more than happy with the selection of heifers offered to me, on farm, in Denmark. I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of heifers. The heifers travelled home exceptionally well, maintaining their condition and unloading very clean.

- MS, Cumbria

Having decided that Danish Red cattle were the right breed to improve the performance of our dairy herd, buying quality in-calf heifers directly from selected herds out of Denmark with high disease free status and delivered straight to our farm was a most cost effective and trouble free operation, supervised and arranged by a knowledgeable team.

- JT, Cumbria