Importers of High Quality Replacement Cattle

Importers of Holstein Dairy ­Catt­le

Holstein Dairy Cattle, both Black & White and Red & White, are available for selection from Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France and we have found that they readily adapt to the UK climate and farming practices.

  • Excellent availability
  • Worldwide genetics 
  • Good health traits 
  • High milk, butterfat and protein yields 

The decision as to which country an importation of cattle should be made from is a persoanl one, but consideration should be given to:

  • Health Status
  • Type
  • Genetic values
  • Size
  • Farming practices

During the past 15 years of selecting cattle in Northern Europe we have found that every country can offer different benefits, depending on your farming practices and selection requirements.

We are pleased to be able to offer valuable advice and guidance throughout the decision making process.

Young stock bulls are always available, from both the UK and Europe.