Importers of High Quality Replacement Cattle

Impor­ters of hi­gh quali­ty Holstein, Jers­ey, Danish Red, Fleckvieh and Crossbred dairy replacement cattle.

Chris Dodds Livestock Ltd, Carlisle, Cumbria in conjuction with JE Bellas & Son, Appleby, Cumbria specialise in sourcing and delivering quality dairy cattle replacements from within the UK and Europe. 

All cattle are individually selected on their farm of origin by our selectors on behalf of the client, or by the client accompanied by our selectors.

Special attention is given to the clients personal dairying practices and the animals' health status, thus ensuring that the “type” and quality of cattle selected specifically meet the requirements of the farm to which they are to be delivered.

Regular consignments of cattle  are selected from within:

  • United Kingdom
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • France

A professional and dedicated UK based company working with the interests of the UK farmer at heart.